You'll spend 90 days stuck in traffic
during your life. And 40 days
opening and closing your window
We can't change the traffic but we can
automate your window shades

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Can I use it with any type of chains?

Yes, you can add Smart Shades to your existing window covers as long as they have a sidewinder chain or cord loop.

Is it possible to use any type, weight and size of shades?

Smart Shades supports all horizontal blinds. Supported weight is up to 5 kg, recommended shade size is 2m (7foot) wide and 2m (7foot) high.

Which smartphones are compatible with Smart Shades?

Smart Shades is currently compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets which support Bluetooth LE.

What is the noise level for SOMA Smart Shades?

In normal operating conditions Smart Shades is raising your curtains at 50 db which is pretty quiet for a motor. Comparable to light traffic or refrigerator.

Noise levels depend on the surface Smart Shades is attached to. Some materials tend to amplify sound like plasterboard or wooden wall panels. But worry not, whether you use the screws or the tape to mount it, Smart Shades has an 3mm adhesive tape on the back which helps to absorb the vibrations.

Also you want to make sure when that the chain is not too tight, this may sometimes raise the noise level.

Can I connect Smart Shades with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home?

Yes. You need Soma Connect for that. You can order it here:

After the installation, can I move the shades manually?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available at the moment, but we are working on it.

What is the wireless range of Smart Shades (for example in the case of a multi storey house)?

Smart Shades has an operation range of about 40 meters ( 130 feet ), which means that it should easily cover your entire house.

Can I control the "Smart Shades" on multiple phones?

Yes, once the initial setup is done, all your family members can pair their phones with Smart Shades.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we gladly provide technical support during 2 years from the day of the receiving the product.