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Automate your shades in 3 minutes - easy to set up, Android and iOS support, set daily or weekly triggers to move the shades based on time of day, sunset/sunrise or light conditions

What's in the box:

  • SOMA Smart Shades 2
  • Solar panel
  • USB charging cable

Bundle with SOMA Connect to use with Apple HomeKit, Google Home / Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Home Assistant or local HTTP API for DIY integrations. One SOMA Connect supports an unlimited number of SOMA Smart Shades, SOMA Smart Shades 2 and SOMA Tilt devices.

    Customer Reviews

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    Works with SmartThings!

    After 2 weeks of use, my 4 are working fine. I can't wait to see the solar panels if they will hold up. Good connection with Smarthings.

    Good product

    Works perfect 👌

    Excellent product, works perfectly even with very big shades but a bit noisy.

    I have been using them for almost two months now, on 6 shades and two of them are very big (3.2 meters wide and a height of 2.5 meters) : they work perfectly !

    I recommend them 100 %.

    Nice, good material, not too big, reliable...only a bit noisy but when the rest is perfect, you just forget about the noise...

    Remarkable engineering

    I'm a physician and engineer trained at Stanford, Harvard and MIT. If I were to design this device from scratch, I would have selected the same materials and approach. I live in Boston but work at Mayo clinic so I needed some way to open and close a large shade from a thousand miles away. Worked perfectly the first time

    Excellent product; late delivery; confusing setup

    After ordering, I had to pester Soma by email before product was shipped. It finally arrived and I then had to scramble around their website for setup instructions, which were there, just not easy to find. Once setup the product has been excellent; app works fine and integration into HomeKit was a doddle. Would have been 5 stars if not for the shipping and instructions issues. Very happy with the day to day operation of the blinds; auto-close at sunset & auto-open at set time in the morning.
    Not a criticism, more a suggestion... a manual over-ride button would be useful.

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